MOOD Collection

A pioneer in innovation and a master silversmith for almost 200 years, Christofle is always developing the ideal accessories that fit modern lifestyles and gourmets habits. Constantly evolving, Christofle unveils MOOD Asia, a new member of its iconic collection MOOD, dedicated to Asian gastronomy. MOOD Asia celebrates Asian lifestyle with 2 innovations exclusively developed for this new set : silver-plated chopsticks accompanied by chopstick rests, and 6 original soup spoons suitable for the local bowls to enjoy traditional dishes. Versatile, MOOD Asia is the ultimate stylish set for experiencing a wide variety of dining moments, embodying the idea of sharing to perfection.


The Christofle silversmith's house revisits table practicises with its new collection of essential cutlery called Infini Christofle.


Christofle invites itself to the era of the Metaverse, with an NFT version of its iconic MOOD by Christofle.

Created to be shared

Imagined with values such as generosity and practically, MOOD Party is the piece for sharing and festive moments. Offering pieces that are as practical as they are user-friendly, MOOD Party is intended for aperitifs and cocktail parties : a cocktail party with bubbles and nibbles, a convivial aperitif moment, a sweet afternoon tea… MOOD Party offers a whole way of entertaining, always with style and elegance.


MOOD by Christofle, the art of redefining table setting. A design object of lust, MOOD shakes up conventions, annihilating the traditional placing of cutlery around the plate : new and fun, this 6-person set offers a new take on the art of the table, being designed to be an integral part of the meal, a graphic and contemporary decorative centerpiece. MOOD sublimates everyday life, enhances every moment of pleasure linked to the art of the table : an informal brunch with friends, a weeknight family meal, a lunch on the grass… MOOD addresses each of those moments where pleasure is savored, where sharing takes place and flourished around food.


Add the timeless sparkle to your living space. Since 1830, Christofle has been passing on its legendary craftsmanship of silverware, evolving year after year with utmost elegance and unrivaled quality. Come to Christofle to find the perfect gift.


Vertigo reveals the story of a beautiful encounter, from a famous luxury house and a great designer, Andrée Putman. Designed by Andrée Putman in 2002, Vertigo brilliantly illustrates the design concept of Putman by combining simplicity and purity with functionality.


The art of the table is emblematic of Christofle's know-how. From traditional to contemporary collections, each piece bestows an elegant table.

Home Deco

To give cachet to your interior, punctuate your home with discreet and elegant lifestyle touches.


A prelude to dinner, the aperitif is a shared moment and needs to be adorned with beautiful cases.


Our flatware collections are emblematic of the Maison Christofle, testifying to its historical know-how in silver craftsmanship.


A complete collection of products and gift ideas for our beloved children to pamper and celebrate them.


Through its creations for men and women, the Maison Christofle shapes brilliance radiance and elevates silver with audacity and modernity.

Brand values

Brand values

Christofle remains faithful to the values which made its success and which are always in resonance with the time.

Christofle continues to place Excellence at the heart of its requirements. "One quality, the best!" “Already advocated Charles Christofle, the founder. The Maison which quickly became an historical supplier of prestigious clients ("Goldsmith of the King" in 1844 for King Louis-Philippe, then of the Emperor Napoleon III) continues to respond to remarkable orders by making exceptional artefacts for personalities, institutions or luxury brands.

Christofle continues to place Creativity at the heart of its values. Creativity that Christofle encourages and develops in its own creative studio which is at the origin of many iconic products, including the famous MOOD by Christofle. Creativity also shared, since the Maison has always been inviting artists and designers to collaborate in the creation of articles that are successfully part of its heritage (Gio Ponti, Ora-Ito, Andrée Putman, Marcel Wanders, Karl Lagerfeld… and more recently Pharrell Wiliams)

For Christofle, Generosity is an essential virtue. It can be found in the style of its products whose design and sparkle give off a magnificent aura that has the power to impact a place by embellishing it and sublimate the moment.

Brand History

In 1830, Charles Christofle, the House’s founder, created a jewelry workshop under his own name. Within a decade, it became one of the capital’s most important jewelers.
A visionary with a passion for technical innovation, he revolutionized the world of silverware by having the audacity to offer, starting in 1842, a new kind of silver-plated or gilded silverware that sealed his reputation, including flatware holloware and centerpieces, decorative objects and sculptures. Thanks to this initiative, from that time onward the dining room became the primary room in the house.

Christofle quickly became the purveyor to King Louis-Philippe and supplied the French royal House of Orleans as well as Napoléon III, starting in 1850. Around that time, after becoming the purveyor of royal families, Christofle also began outfitting all the new luxury destinations: hotels, restaurants, trains and ocean liners, then airplanes. Its know-how and technical creativity were celebrated and received numerous awards at national exhibitions and world fairs.

As a goldsmith, Charles Christofle transformed ceremonial items and everyday objects: from jewelry to cutlery, gold smithery to sculptures, and decorative objects to tableware. This is how silver came to be an integral player in art of living today.

Brand History


More than a vocation, silversmithing is an art whose origins reach back to highest Antiquity. It requires the specialized skills of various kinds of artisans. Whether it’s for a simple flatware or a more complex piece, each one of them, at a given stage of production, will exercise a specific kind of know-how, a unique gesture that will give shape and spirit to the object that passes through his hands.

Today, Christofle upholds these traditional types of expertise in its Haute Orfèvrerie workshop in Normandy, where it counts among its artisans two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France).

Almost 200 years of unique heritage and exceptional know-how!